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Frequently Asked Questions

We have included some of the questions that are commonly asked by prospective purchasers, existing residents and landlords.

What is your policy on alterations, can I replace my kitchen units or bathroom?

Most alterations to your apartment are allowed but we ask that you contact us to seek approval first

I have a mobility scooter, what are your arrangements for this?

For safety reasons, mobility scooters are not allowed in the communal areas but we are happy to discuss your requirements for storage

Does the Service Charge cover the cleaning of my apartment?

The Service Charge covers the cleaning of the communal areas. Residents are responsible for arranging the cleaning of their apartments.

How does the Good Morning Mat/PIR system work? Do I have to be up at a certain time?

No, the mat works from approximately 6.30am to 10am. If you have not activated your mat by that time the House Manager or off-site Monitoring Service will call you to ensure all is well.

Can I opt out of the Good Morning Mat/PIR system?

You can of course opt out of the service by signing a disclaimer. However, as this service is designed to ensure your well-being, we strongly advise against this.

I pay for the building insurance - why should I have to take out extra insurance on my apartment?

The landlord takes out insurance to cover the buildings and the communal contents. Residents take out contents insurance to cover their own property as normal.

Is the House Manager on call during the night?

Our House Managers are available during normal working hours. If you require help during the night you should pull one of the emergency cords in your apartment. The off-site Monitoring Service will assist you and summon any help that is required e.g. Doctor or Ambulance.

I have a pet. Can I bring it with me?

It depends on the lease. We will be able to advise you on the situation in your development. If an existing pet can be accomodated and subsequently dies, it will unfortunately not be possible to replace it.

Is it possible for friends and relatives to stay over at the development?

If your development has a Guest Suite it can be rented for short stays at a nominal charge

Does the House Manager provide personal care?

No. Residents are responsible for arranging their own care.

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